Who is Holly Petraeus? She is the wife of now resigned CIA Director David Petraeus, who has left the Obama administration amid a sex scandal. Holly is also a member of the Obama administration, serving as Assistant Director to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She also has worked for the Better Business Bureau specializing in helping veterans and serving military personnel with credit card issues. What the resignation of her husband amid the extramarital affair that David Petraeus had with biographer Paula Broadwell remains unclear as the story unfolds.

holly petraeus photo

Holly and David Petraeus have been married for 37 years. They met while he attended West Point as she was the commandant′s daughter. Like many military couples, she rose up the ladder along side her husband as his career advanced. But given her own accomplishments, it could be that she winds up succeeding in her career as David′s star tumbles into the trash bin.

The FBI investigation that led to yesterday′s resignation apparently got started quite some time ago, perhaps as early as 2010 while he was still serving in Afghanistan. Some of the emails he was exchanging with Broadwell alerted Army Intelligence, which then led to them notifying the FBI. The CIA vetted Petraeus themselves when he became nominated by Obama to be CIA Director. There is much speculation as to when the White House learned of the affair?

Who is Holly Petraeus and when did she learn as the wife of David Petraeus that he was having an affair with Pala Broadwell? That question is just one of many that has yet to be answered following the surpised resignation of David Petraeus as Director of the CIA.