As most of us have heard, General David Petraeus resigned as CIA head yesterday. He had previously been investigated by the FBI, where they had allegedly discovered that he had had an affair with a West Point graduate, Paula Broadwell, who was writing his biography; during the course of the affair, he apparently provided her with access to his Agency e-mail account.

DCIA David Petraeus

Once this was discovered, even though there was a severe security breach involved, Petraeus did not immediately resign, according to individuals within the FBI. Instead, for political reasons, the White House delayed his resignation until after the presidential election. This potentially placed our entire intelligence network at risk, with a private individual having access to such important data.

It is likely that the delay in his resignation will be investigated by the House to determine if President Obama’s political decision was a dereliction of his duty as Commander in Chief. Who knows where this may lead eventually? We will find out the next step this week when the House investigation of the Benghazi affair begins.

Here is a video of Broadwell interviewed by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show earlier this year: