So Barack Obama has won a second term in office. What can we expect it to be like? More of the ′New Normal′ with a stagnant economy, high unemployment and general uncertainty about the future? Is Ted Nugent right when he summed up Tuesday′s presidential election results as ″pimps, whores and welfare brats who voted for America′s economic and spiritual suicide.″? Will we see more Iran attacks on U.S. drone aircraft, conveniently kept secret until after the election, as the extremist theocracy moves closer towards building a nuclear weapon? Hey, Obama! The 1970s called and wants their economic and foreign policies back!

Obama new normal

When you get right down to it, Obama is like Nixon, Ford and Carter all rolled up into one presidency. Enemies lists, secret government, cover ups, amnesty for criminals, stupid slogans like ″WIN (Whip Inflation Now), and the general malaise of the Carter years when everything went wrong. Yep, this our fate for the next four years. Certainly the next two, at least. Obama will now set us on a course sealing the coffin on the American Century.

Mind you, America is not finished. We still have a few kicks left in us. Look at the UK, for example. They stopped being an empire about 65 years ago but still occasionally rise up to teach the world what civilization means. As much as Obama would like to destroy us and reduce America to a third world nation, at best, even with his background as the son of an anti-colonialist, Marxist, polygamist father, the most Obama can do is reduce us to a second-rate country. Then we′ll see how well the Russians and Chinese handle the Muslim Brotherhood and the developing super-state of a United Sharia nation across northern Africa and the MidEast.

True, hard times are here to stay for the next few years as we float between stagflation, recession and depression. This fiscal cliff is just 52 days away and Obama is planning a vacation overseas. How nice is that? Not that he was going to have any real input anyway since he has no plan nor any idea of what to do. I for one look forward to Obama spending most of his second term on vacation or playing golf. We are better off with him out of town hanging out with his Choom Gang pals than trying to govern.

Plus, we have the added attraction of Benghazi Gate, which will mire Obama in endless scandals. Too many people know the truth and sooner or later it will come out just how bad Obama and his minions messed up in Libya. What we already know is bad enough and should cost a career or two. Even John Kerry seems interested in probing Benghazi if for no other reason than to derail Obama′s plan to replace Hillary Clinton with Susan Rice, since Kerry wants the job for himself. The enemy of my enemy is my friend!

So stock up on shelf-stable foods, water, bullets, and plenty of pop corn and adult beverages. If in Colorado or Washington state, stock up on some mean green, too! Kick back and enjoy the ride as we slide down the rabbit hole for another four years of Obama and the New Normal. Thanks to ObamaCare, we will now even have more entertainment each night down at the Community Justice Center where we can watch ′Carousel′ as the elderly are discharged from society. Maybe Bruce Rockstein will be the opening act, playing Chris′Fred Flintstone′ Christie′s favorite song, ″Bedrock You Were Born To Run″ with back-up singer Ann Coaltar and the GOP Establishment RINO dancers. Oh, Obama, you put the choom in my zoom! We are all bongs now! Meanwhile, for your amusement, I offer you a video of William Shatner singing ″Bohemian Rhapsody″ by Queen.