You′ve read the polls. You′ve heard the pundits. But what are the psychics predicting for the 2012 presidential race? Will psychics predictions provide insight to who will win between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney? Can astrology shows us what the stars have to say? Are clairvoyants in touch with the ethereal consciousness of the American people? Well, wait no further, as we consult two of our favorites for their insights. Clairvoyant Kit Karson and astrologer Lou Raedwulfe of have their third eyes focused on the universe of politics today.

psychic predictions

First, Lou warns us about Mercury in retrograde, never a good thing for anything mechanic. Could this cause widespread trouble at the polling booths? Lou points also to the Tenth House, where ″Communications, thoughts, and ideas could all be impacted and confused.″ He adds, ″The Tenth House of the horoscope is traditionally the House which deals with primary career goals, government and politics.″

″For Romney, there is only one transit in his Tenth House; Neptune, the Sea King, still moving backward resides there. The impact of this is losing sight of career goals or being phased out are possible although service-related careers may prosper. Ambition and drive could be lacking. This would seem to indicate a less than positive outcome in the polls.

″Obama, his Tenth House contains two transits, Mercury (which is starting in retrograde) and Mars. The Messenger′s arrival in the Tenth House turns the mind to career and professional interests. It′s a good time to communicate with superiors and learn new job skills. The Martian impact stimulates ambition and career objectives. These relationships would certainly seem to point to a successful reelection effort.″

Both Romney and Obama also have transits in the Eleventh House, the house of hope and dreams, according to Lou. Romney has Uranus, a powerful planet of friends and expectations, of revolutionary change, plus an ability to alter plans and be flexible. Obama, on the other hand, has Pluto, the problem child planet. Lou believes that Obama may have a slight edge as far as the stars go. Frankly, I disagree. Having Mercury in retrograde in his chart makes Obama more vulnerable to an upset, especially with mischievous Pluto hanging about.

Kit senses something else happening. ″This 2012 election comes at a juncture in time when the country seems very passionate about their Presidential candidate on both sides. While I don′t usually predict elections, I see Romney as our next President. I also see that there will be residue from Nov. 6 and legal issues that will arise around the election which will last for quite some time. My hope is that after the election that the country can settle down with both sides pulling together as one nation. The most important thing at this cross roads in our history is to get out and vote.″

Well said, Kit! Get out and vote! So there you have it, our psychic predictions for the 2012 presidential election. It seems that our psychics are in the same boat as most pundits and polls, with both predicting close elections results that could go either way. I want to thank Kit and Lou from for participating and sharing their views with us. Just for fun, I dragged out my Tarot cards and drew three cards; The Empress, 7 of Cups and The Stars (reversed). The Empress relates to the end of a cycle, the 7 of Cups to a magnetic, aspiring creative force, and likewise The Stars in reverse aspect denoting success in this creative enterprise. So I would say the end of Obama is at hand with Romney inspiring a new economic boom which will elevate us to glory. Hallelujah!