For the second election in a row, the GOP has a chance to win the US Senate. Currently, the Senate has 53 individuals who are Democrats or caucus with them; the other 47 are Republicans. Many analysts believe that in a year like this, where a flawed incumbent will become a lame duck if he should win, and the challenger is a wild card as far as the policy issues that he will emphasize on ‘the second day if he is victorious, control of the legislative branch is more important to the choice of public policies than who sits in the White House.

Of the 33 Senate seats being decided today, 21 are contested to some degree. Seven others are safe for the Democrats; five are sure Republican wins.

Here is a listing of the Senate races being decided this year, so that you can keep your own score sheet:

(I = incumbent Senator)

US Senate Winner Projection Score Sheet
State Republican Democrat Independent Winner
AZ Flake Carmona
CA Emken Feinstein (I)
CT McMahon Murphy
DE Wade Carper (I)
FL Mack Nelson (I)
HI Lingle Hirono
IN Mourdock Donnelly
ME Summers Dill King
MD Bongino Cardin (I)
MA Brown (I) Warren
MI Hoekstra Stabenow (I)
MN Bills Klobuchar (I)
MS Wicker (I) Gore
MO Akin McCaskill (I)
MT Rehberg Tester (I)
NE Fischer Kerrey
NV Heller (I) Berkley
NJ Kyrillos Menendez
NM Wilson Heinrich
NY Long Gillibrand
ND Berg Heitkamp
OH Mandel Brown(I)
PA Smith Casey (I)
RI Hinckley Whitehouse (I)
TN Corker(I) Clayton
TX Cruz Sadler
UT Hatch (I) Howell
VT MacGovern Sanders (I)
VA Allen Kaine
WA Baumgartner Cantwell (I)
WV Raese Manchin (I)
WI Thompson Baldwin
WY Barasso (I) Chesnut