Here is your thread for exit polls and election results for the general election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. We will live-blog throughout the day on November 6th, 2012 with the general election early exit polls so use this thread to start the dialog. Winners will be posted as soon as we can make the call.

We will paying close attention to the key battleground states, such as Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, and Wisconsin. Oh sure, New Hampshire too! But we will also watch with interest some states that have unexpectedly come on the radar lately, namely Pennsylvania and Michigan. A win in either one of those latter states would signal a big Romney win on Tuesday.

Early in the night, the key state to watch will be Virginia. An early victory by Obama in Virginia would signal a big Obama win. If Romney carries it by more than 3 points, you can expect him to be the next president. A lesser Romney win there will make it a nail biter in other key states.

Most pundits have given Nevada to Obama, but we’ll watch that one and Minnesota too. Are we missing any states that really matter?

General Election Exit Polls

General updates:
11am ET: early exit poll data (first wave) is now available but theoretically under quarantine. Results will be first officially reported at 5pm ET, but we’ll get the leaks out sooner as possible.
5pm ET: exit data coming in minutes….. now…
–60% say the economy #1 concern, 15% deficit.
–51-47% Romney better on economy.
–50% say the economy is getting worse under Obama, 40% better, 10% same.
–only 25% are better off than they were 4 years ago.
–in touch with people like you: 51% Obama
–73% white vote, 10% latino, all the same as in 2008.
–by party: Dems 37% – GOP 34% – Independents 29%
–more coming in minutes…

Ohio Exit Polls:
2pm ET: Huge fight is brewing over provisional ballots in the state. The Secretary of State is insisting that the laws for verification are followed. Democrats are throwing fits and the matter is already in court.
3pm ET: Obama internal polls show a tie, which is why Biden rushed back to the state today. Yesterday, Romney released his internal polls show Romney +2.
5pm ET: huge turnout in GOP areas.
–Who would handle the economy better? tie
–Are things getting better? 37% yes, 33% no

Florida Exit Polls:
[data coming]

Virginia Exit Polls:
5pm ET:
–repeal healthcare law? 49%-46% yes.
–better on economy: Romney 53-45%

Colorado Exit Polls:
2pm ET: Surprisingly it was just announced that the GOP won the early vote in this state. Shift CO to leans Romney.
4pm ET: Romney is winning enough in exit polls that he has probably won CO, assuming they are reasonable accurate.
7pm ET: exits are 48-48% tied.

Pennsylvania Exit Polls:
11am ET: turnout reported heavy in GOP strongholds.
2pm ET: Democrats threw over 100 GOP poll workers out of polling stations this morning in Philadelphia. Hours late a judge reeinstated them but no telling how much voter fraud occurred in the meanwhile.
5pm ET: confirm large turnout in Republican areas.

Michigan Exit Polls:
[data coming]

New Hampshire Exit Polls:
[data coming]

Iowa Exit Polls:
2pm ET: In very liberal Johnson County, they are experiencing the lowest voter turnout since 1980.
4pm ET: GOP turnout by party-affiliation is beating expectations.

Unfortunately there will be less data available in this election cycle than last. The media outlets who sponsor the exit polls have budget realities to deal with because they are slowly going out of business, thanks in part to their liberal bias but mostly because of the internet. Nevertheless, we’ll give you what is available just as soon as it is available to us.