When Barack Obama says ′Vote for Revenge′, is he channeling his inner Klingon or perhaps a dream from his anti-colonial, Marxist, bigamist father? Mitt Romney took the cue and told his supporters to cast their votes for ′Love of Country′, to which we wholeheartedly agree. But Obama thinks the path to the White House is one of who has the best revenge to motivate them. A tragic sign as the presidential campaign enters its final 48 hours before the polls open on November 6. What else has Obama got to say? Its not like he has anything positive to use as an argument for getting four more years.

obama vote for revenge

The Obama Legacy is one of a failed presidency caused by lost and misspent opportunities. When elected in 2008, Obama had an enormous amount of political capital, with favorability numbers over 80%. Even amongst Republicans polled at the time, Obama had a favorable view by about 70%. On top of all that goodwill, he had a veto-proof House and a filibuster-proof Senate. The last time a president had such a circumstance was Lyndon Johnson in 1964. Unlike Obama, Johnson was experienced and politically savvy and used his power aggressively, passing dozens of bills in his first 90 days. Also unlike Obama, Johnson had no problem working with Republicans when he needed them, which he did in passing the Civil Rights Act. With the support of GOP senators, the ′Dixie-crats′ would have defeated the measure.

But Obama wasted his first year in office. He shunned any effort to be bipartisan. His economic plan was just another bloated spending program with no real purpose or focus. Instead of some truly worthy project, like improving our energy grids, making them more capable in volume and more survivable to Mother Nature, we got the most lame, typical ′jobs programs′ ever seen. Like a riding lawn mower for a school in Arkansas that allegedly created 50 jobs. Or the sale of a dozen pairs of boots that created 24 jobs according to White House economists. By the way, just how many residents of Arkansas does it take to mow a lawn? The answer according to Obama is 50, one to ride the mower and 49 to buy pork rinds and beer.

I have often said that a president has three basic jobs to carry out in the performance of his office. Protect the nation, its laws, property and people. Produce an annual federal budget and execute it. And finally, sell U.S. Treasury bonds to finance our debt. Everything else is secondary, the frosting on the cake.

When it comes to protecting the nation, Obama rates a D- for a grade, only because we′ll give him some credit for the death of Osama bin laden. He has not been a friend of our Constitution, picking and choosing what parts he wants to uphold and others he ignores and tramples. He got us involved in a civil war in Libya last year, which, by the way, is still going on even though Gaddafi is long dead. Obama plays with armed drone aircraft as if he′s playing Battleship, even targeting the children of American citizens abroad without cause or legal trial. The Defense of Marriage Act, passed with bipartisan support, is now little more than a floor mat. Our border with Mexico is wide open and dangerous. Our embassies and diplomats are left defenseless as Al Qaeda grows and spreads throughout much of the world. China and Russia are busy in a new arms race.

With help from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Obama has failed to produce a federal budget he can call his own. We are still basically using the last Bush budget augmented by some old stimulus programs and ′ominbus′ programs which increased non-military discretionary spending some 28% back in 2009. The result of which are four years of trillion-plus dollar deficits. The fiscal crisis facing America is ongoing and getting worse, causing uncertainty and stagnating any real economic recovery. We are reaching the ceiling of the Debt Limit again, which means yet another patch-worked compromise to pay our bills. Obama gets a big, fat ′F′ on this one.

When it comes to selling U.S. Treasury bonds, Obama gets a D-, again, thanks to Ben Bernanke and the fact that most of the other major bond sellers are in worse shape than we are, namely those in Europe. The two major foreign purchasers of our bonds, Japan and China, have slowed down their purchases the past four years. Most of what they are doing is just rolling over old bonds for new, and not adding any new debt load to their books. Bernanke has used quantitative easing to lend money to banks and investment institutions to buy our bonds. While this practice has kept the roulette wheel spinning, it has also increased our vulnerability. Not to mention tie up banks and institutions from investing and lending money to both businesses and consumers. Plus, since there is no incentive to increase interest rates on bonds, the average American with a savings account is earning next to nothing in capital gains.

So this is the legacy of Barack Obama and his four years as president. Is it any wonder why Obama says ′Vote for Revenge′ to his supporters? Just who benefits from exercising their best revenge by voting? Mitt Romney sees the path to White House differently, asking his supporters to vote for ′Love of Country′ instead. To this I agree. If you love your country, then vote for Romney. If you hate America and want revenge, then vote for Obama. I guess if you are trying to fulfill the dreams from your Marxist, anti-colonial, bigamist father, then the Obama way is the one to follow. But if you are normal and have some respect for our country, then Mitt Romney is the clear choice.