In this modern age of technological advances abounding, cellphones that have conversations with you, amputees and paralyzed walking with robotic limbs, 3d televisions without goofy-looking glasses, and the “commercial skip” button…still there are times that I am found absolutely gob smacked.

How freaking arrogant can one person be!?!?

In a November 2nd special to CNN, President Barack Obama decided to play “Opinionator “ and put in his, ever-depreciating two cents to try to sway the naïve and blinded. Obama obviously found the time to write, in spite of the looming tragedy in New York, New Jersey, and their outlying islands and peninsulas. I guess his photo-op with Chris Christie was just enough Oba-magic needed to bring hope, change, and gasoline to all of the newly found “dumpster divers,” fighting in the streets for food and fuel.

In his newly posted column entitled “President Barack Obama: My vision for America “ our commander in chief basically lists how he will do everything in his second term that Clinton did, without the sex.

The article begins with the extremely arrogant and bourgeois listing of “Editor’s note: Barack Obama is president of the United States.” As if we didn’t know that from the thousand or so times that he has called himself “President.” Or from the liberal media’s love affair with “The President.” Or, all of the attack ads, shown in perpetuation with Obama in the Oval Office stating; “I am Barack Obama, and I approved this message.” I still like the new internet meme “Bronco Bama,” hopefully he will get “bucked” on November 6th.

It then goes on to actually list the summary of the article, stating “STORY HIGHLIGHTS: President Obama: Recent storms show how Americans put aside differences, work together.
He says Americans together fought back from recession, war; prosperity now on rise.
He says middle class thrives if everyone gets fair shot, does fair share, plays by same rules.
He says he will be the champion for aspirations of all Americans, and asks them to vote Tuesday.”

First of all, only in fantasy Obamaland where everyone snorts “hopeium” and sees grandiose hallucinations of Jerry Garcia is PROSPERITY on the rise! We are sinking as a country! Financially, domestically, industrially, even Spiritually! America’s Reality is NOT Baskin Robbins with sprinkles, it is more like potted meat!

Secondly, I am sick of this term “fair shot.” We have a secret airy (not a typo) of statehood, who is for totalitarian gun control. A fair shot is impossible without guns and ammo. But puns aside, a “fair shot” as Obama lists is nothing more than old Stalinist socialistic control over all things financial. The only “rule” book Obama wants to “play” from is the Communist manifesto.

Thirdly, when has Obama been “champion” of anything? You have to stop “bowing” before you can stand in victory. Also, if he truly knew American’s aspirations, there would be no contest at the polls. In fact, millions wouldn’t have already been spent on political advertisements and biased liberal polling data if Obama truly had a clue. He doesn’t. This is why in the midst of tragedy, he can write articles to CNN, thinking that it will make him look good.

Again, how arrogant can one person be?!?!

He continues his self-exaltation piece with this bit of total garbage: “…We know what real change looks like. And we can’t give up on it now.” How about more correctly, we know what a real sentence looks like and it doesn’t look like this! This ending statement is as fragmented as our economy. I do know what real change looks like; I have about 80 cents in my pocket! Thanks Obama!

Not to drag this Obama narcissistic self-love article out further, he closes with the almost laughable: “The America we believe in is within our reach. The future we hope for is within our sights. That’s why I’m asking for your vote this Tuesday.” So…Obama suddenly knows what we all think and feel? Is he suddenly a prophet? I thought he said that he could control the “rise of the tides?” It sure doesn’t look like that on today’s Jersey Shore. Obama made Snooki cry.

In closing, once again Obama touts change and progress, and the records have shown no deliveries made at American doorsteps. An over exuding of arrogance will never change this country for the better, no matter how stoned on Obama-dust our liberal media becomes.

Please vote this arrogant mistake out of office November 6th. Thank you.

Link to the Original CNN article and Original picture…before I…Uh…”spruced it up a bit”: Barack Obama: My Vision for America – CNN

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