For years, people have criticized Mayor Michael Bloomberg of NYC as the mayor of Wall Street, leaving the rest of New York to flounder on its own. This became even more obvious in his response to Hurricane Sandy. All that is important to this little, little man was getting lower Manhattan back on track. However, in the outer boroughs, especially Staten Island, families are without food, potable water, and in some cases their homes while Bloomberg prepares for a marathon to be run by yuppies from across the nation. While police and rescue squads are digging through debris for bodies, Bloomberg and his minions are ensuring that the starting line (on Staten Island) is pristine.

staten island

Photo: NY Daily News

People on SI have nowhere to sleep; hotel rooms in the rest of NYC are set aside for runners and their entourage. People on SI don’t have water; bottled water is being cooled for these self-concerned runners. Police and other first responders are needed on SI; instead, they are setting up barricades on Manhattan and the other boroughs to make the runners sojourn placid.

We can’t expect the major media to report on the ludicrous behavior of Mayor Bloomberg. He is the darling of Wall Street and owns a major media firm. These people always make sure that they cover each others rear ends. I’m sure that Sunday we will hear renderings of how Bloomberg has brought NYC back for this celebration as news outlets praise him.

What is so important that this race must be held less than a week after Hurricane Sandy? Perhaps the sponsors are forcing it to be conducted; perhaps these self-involved runners don’t want to give up their hotel rooms or their air reservations merely because scores of residents have drowned and thousands are homeless a mile or so away.