Instead of the usual caption contest this week we will do instead an election prediction contest. So who is the winner of the 2012 presidential election between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama? We’ll all know on Tuesday, but your challenge is to tell us beforehand.

You have two ways to win our presidential election contest as there will be two questions, and thus two answers.

Question 1: Who wins the popular vote to the nearest tenth of a percent? Your answer will take the form of a percentage, so for example an acceptable response in the comments would be: “Romney 50.9%, Obama 48.2%. ”

Question 2: Who wins the electoral college and by how much? Your answer will take the form of the number of electoral votes for each candidate. So an acceptable response in the comments would be: Romney 270, Obama 268. Or some variation that adds to 538 electoral votes.

There will be two winners, whoever is closest to the correct answer while at the same time guessing the actual winner in each category (popular vote, electoral vote). The winner will receive the highly coveted Rightpunditeer award, a virtual trophy which will be mounted for eternity on this website for all to know that you came and conquered.

There shall be no disputes as the determination of the winner will be made by myself, and my determination is final. You can guess until Tuesday 12pm Pacific Time. You can make multiple guesses, but if you do only your last guess will count.

So if the above guesses happened to be your own guesses, the way you would present them in the comments is:

1. Romney 50.9%, Obama 48.2%
2. Romney 270, Obama 268.