So who won the third and final presidential debate last night at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida? Mitt Romney certainly edged out Barack Obama during the 90-minute battle over foreign policy. Obama got no real help from Bob Schieffer, the moderator, unlike in earlier debates. He attacked Romney as not being ready to be Commander in Chief several times, but the arguments did not score. Romney achieved what he needed to do. First, to end any propaganda about him being a war monger, ready to bomb Iran on Day One of his administration. Mitt skillfully disarmed Obama twice, beginning with Romney′s best line of the night, ″We cannot kill our way out of this mess.″ This nullified Obama′s spiking the ball about killing Osama bin Laden and other Al Qaeda leaders. Romney also parried well accusing Obama of using personal attacks to cover his lack of an agenda for the next four years. Now we shall see how this impacts the upcoming presidential polls for the remaining two weeks.

who won presidential debate

Obama tried to torpedo Romney about his charge that our Navy has fewer ships now than in 1917. In response, Obama said that Romney does not understand our military, since we no longer use ″horses and bayonets.″ This backfired, since it shows how little Obama knows about our military. To begin with, we still issue our soldiers and Marines bayonets, our rifles still have bayonet rings and our troops train to use them. As for horses, I′m sorry to remind Obama that our Navy has never really been very big on using horses in the first place. The Army is the branch that typically had cavalry. Before World War One, the U.S. Army only had a standing force of about 35,000 troops, mostly infantry and artillery, as well as support and logistics units. Oddly enough, in our first war of the 21st Century, the Defense Department had to scramble to get horse cavalry equipment to our special ops troops in Afghanistan working with the Northern Alliance against Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

This whole argument reminds me of one of my favorite books and movies, ″Starship Troopers.″ One soldier during training complains about why he needs to learn to use a knife when facing an enemy who just has to push a button to fire a nuke? The ever wise Sergeant Zim has the recruit put his hand on the target and proceeds to throw a knife, impaling the hand. Zim tells the other soldiers, ″If you disable your enemy with a knife, he will not be able to push a button!″ Then Zim calls for a medic. Hah-Hah! Oh how true, Sgt. Zim! But what else can we expect from Obama, whose Democrat Party showed pictures of Russian naval vessels on the jumbo screen during their alleged salute to our armed forces? Speaking of the Russians, Romney also delivered a good zinger on Obama about his ′secret message′ to Putin about being more flexible after the elections.

Pundits will argue that Romney played it safe last night. That he avoided battling Obama on many issues, such as Libya. Apparently, Romney decided himself that he would not allow himself to get suckered into any fights. A wise strategy straight out of Sun Tzu′s ″The Art of War.″ If I were to use a football analogy, each debate, including the second between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden, were quarters of the same game. In the first quarter, Romney racked up a huge lead, pounding Obama 21 to 0. Ryan added points making it a 31 to 3 game at half-time. In the previous debate, both teams played a fairly even game, ending with a score of 38 to 10. Last night was the fourth quarter, where Romney managed to run the clock out putting up two field goals to Obama′s one. So Mitt Romney won the overall debate game 44 to 13, sending Barack Obama to the showers to sulk.

If you ask who won the third presidential debate last night, Mitt Romney clearly edged out Barack Obama at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. Obama got no help at all from moderator Bob Schieffer, who kept the playing field fairly even. With just two more weeks of campaigning to go, we will now see how this series of debates impacts the upcoming presidential polls. In my opinion, Romney still has momentum on his side and we can expect to see major shifts in the swing states, as well as other in other states, like Pennsylvania, which Obama may now lose his lead in. If you missed it last night, you may watch the full debate video below.