Earlier this year, a Georgetown coed, Sandra Fluke, attracted a lot of media attention when Republicans did not permit her to speak before a House committee on the urgent need for Obamacare to cover the costs of contraception. She then found a group of Democratic House members who were willing to listen to her inspiring tale of how onerous the cost of purchasing their own contraceptive devices could be for health insurance recipients. Later, she became a cause celebre when Rush Limbaugh cast aspersions upon her sexual experiences.

Fluke then was a featured speaker at the Democratic National Convention; she has also spoken at numerous locations on the campaign trail promoting the President’s campaign. Apparently, her collegiate life as a law student has gone on hiatus while she promotes her cause.

Well, Fluke was the star attraction at an Obama rally in Reno this weekend. The venue was a grocery store in the northern Nevada city; a crowd of 10 people showed up for this promotion. Prior to the rally, the local newspaper had repeatedly promoted her appearance in Reno.

To be fair, her inability to draw a crowd as large as a jury cannot be entirely attributed to Fluke’s speaking ability or her cause; perhaps the lack of enthusiasm for the President also played a part. Besides, as we know, crowd estimates are sketchy sometimes. Were there 10 people overall who listened to her speech or was that the total, including those who walked past? How many of the 10 people had a shopping cart with them and just stopped for a minute to wonder what caused this throng to gather?