Who will win the foreign policy debate Monday night between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in Boca Raton, Florida at Lynn University? The ′all important′ third debate will be the last time these two presidential candidates will face each other before the election on November 6, just 15 days away. CBS veteran anchorman, Bob Schieffer, will be the moderator. While most of the recent presidential polls show the race being nearly dead-even, there is no doubt that the Romney campaign still has momentum and the trend on their side. For Obama, months of spending hundreds of millions of dollars in efforts to trash and belittle Mitt Romney have failed utterly, much like every other enterprise he has attempted. Talk of an ′October Surprise′ from Team Obama could be anything at this point, including a deal to hold nuke talks with Iran, a story leaked by the Obama campaign newsletter, the New York Times.

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Topics for tonight will include more discussion of the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, as well as the state of Al Qaeda and terrorism worldwide. Also we can expect other topics like Iran and its nuclear program, Russia which is flexing its muscles again, our relationship with China and the War in Afghanistan. The first two debates, which focused mainly on economic and domestic policy, each had audiences of about 65 million Americans. Given that some 4 million citizens have voted already, plus tonight′s debate will be competing with both a football and a play-off baseball game, will it draw similar numbers? Most polls show foreign policy issues ranked low as concerns for voters, in many cases in the single digits.

Obama′s objective tonight will be to try to highlight why his foreign policy is better and that he has more experience in dealing with international affairs. Romney′s objective is to appear presidential and competent enough to handle whatever comes his way while not looking like a novice nor a war-monger. It is being estimated that as many as one-third of all votes to be cast will be before November 6 as some three dozen states allow for early voting. So whatever happens during this last 90-minute debate could play a major role in the outcome.

The last showdown between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in Florida will be held Monday night at Lynn University in Boca Raton. Who will win the third presidential debate? Will Bob Schieffer, tonight′s moderator, inject himself too much helping Obama as the previous moderators have done? Is foreign policy a strong enough issue to help or harm either candidate? The fun begins at 9pm EDT, so we won′t have long to wait for the answers we seek.