George McGovern is dead at the age of 90. The South Dakota Democrat, an icon of modern Liberalism, passed away quietly in a Sioux Falls hospice from a ″combination of medical conditions.″ Having served 22 years in both the House and Senate, McGovern may be best known for his 1972 presidential run against incumbent Richard M. Nixon. McGovern also served in WW2 as a B-24 bomber pilot stationed in the Mediterranean, winning the Distinguished Flying Cross, and was well known for his opposition to the War in Vietnam. After losing his Senate seat in 1980, McGovern focused much of his life on world hunger issues, eventually serving as a UN Ambassador for Food and Agriculture from 1998 through 2001. One could say that he was the last of the ′Old Fashioned Liberal Lions.′

george mcgovern dead

Living through an incredible period of American history, from the Great Depression, through World War Two, then the tumultuous 1960s, McGovern saw and did it all. From fighting off waves of grasshoppers destroying his family′s crops, to flying his crippled bomber to a safe landing, the man had spunk and a good deal of luck. But he was still a Liberal Democrat, though back then, such wore the title proudly unlike the current brood of Progressive politicians.

Still, we should take note of the passing of George McGovern, dead at 90. Love or hate his politics, he was a man of conviction and did not shy away from controversy. Losing his presidential campaign against Richard Nixon in 1972, and later his Senate seat, the sturdy South Dakota native perhaps did his best work fighting against world hunger. He bucked against his own party when he began opposing the War in Vietnam, which did not make him a favorite of Lyndon Johnson. Nor was he well liked by others in the Peace Movement, calling people like Abby Hoffman and Tom Hayden ″reckless″ and ″irresponsible.″ So Bon Voyage, George! You had a good life and were a good enemy. Which is more than I can say about Barack Hussein Obama!