While most eyes are watching the polls in Ohio, the Michigan 2012 ballot proposals may give Mitt Romney enough of a boost to win the state over Barack Obama. The six state-wide proposals will prove to have a major impact on the economy and Michigan state constitution. Conservatives, Libertarians and Tea Party forces are spending serious time and money challenging most of the ballot initiatives. So while Ohio may have been crucial in past elections, the fact that Wisconsin already has a well proven Republican ground game after their recall election, and the in-state fight here in Michigan could wind up be far more important to the national election.

michigan 2012 ballot proposals

Proposal 1 deals with extending the power of the state over local municipalities, specifically those in financial trouble where the Governor would appoint an Emergency Manager to take over the community or school district. This one ruffles many feathers, both in Democrat and Republican strongholds as it is seen as an attempt to usurp local governing. Existing laws on this matter are being challenged in the courts and the ballot proposal is being used to establish new guidelines for the legal-eagles to mull over. Polls show opponents with a slight edge.

Proposal 2 is a real hot-bed issue of guaranteeing union organizing and collective bargaining rights for both private and public service employees. While a provision will allow for laws to prevent public employees from striking, the ballot measure will override other existing labor laws. Democrats and unions support passage and the one poll taken back in September shows them up by 5 points, 48% to 43%. Needless to say, those hoping to make Michigan a Right-To-Work-State oppose its passage.

Proposal 3 is a real barn-burner! It would require that the State of Michigan develop green energy to account for 25% of electricity produced by 2025. Democrats, unions and environmentalists are all behind it, as well as some major green energy corporations in California, which haven′t gone bankrupt yet. Opponents argue that the ballot proposal would cost Michigan consumers an extra $12 Billion dollars and that by adding this as a constitutional amendment, make it very difficult to overturn. No polling has been done on this monstrosity.

Proposal 4 would amend the constitution and create a home care quality council to oversee regulating the care-giver industry. It would also establish unionization and collective bargaining. Yikes! You can guess who supports this beast. SEIU is one of the major backers. Aside from raising the cost of home care, it could very well prohibit family members from acting as care givers. Unfortunately, the only poll taken back in early September shows this one winning by a wide margin, 55% to 27%. The good news is that in the last week or two, opponents are starting to run TV ads.

Proposal 5 would amend the state constitution and require a 2/3rds majority vote by the state legislature to raise tax rates or impose new taxes. This one has wide support from our side (Conservatives, Libertarians and Tea Party members) and is being opposed by our dear Governor Rick Snyder and like-minded Progressives. No polling has been taken and this could be a real wild card in getting out a lot of voters.

Likewise, Proposal 6 is a hot-button ballot initiative that could make a big difference. It would require a public vote to approve funding to build a new bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario. A lot of money is being spent by both pro and con. Grover Norquist has come out supporting this one while Gov. Snyder and his lapdogs oppose it. The only poll taken back in early September should supporters leading 47% to 44%.

So there you have the six Michigan 2012 ballot proposals and how they may draw out enough voters to put Mitt Romney in the White House. Having these many attempts to amend the Michigan state constitution, mostly in the wrong way, could play a decisive role in getting out a strong Republican, pro-liberty vote. Such would spell big trouble for Barack Obama, who has seen his poll number decline in Michigan recently. Coupling Michigan′s 16 electoral votes with Romney also possibly benefiting from a strong ground game in Wisconsin, which has 10 electoral votes, could make Ohio′s 18 votes meaningless. Frankly, I think Romney will take all 3 states. The trend is his friend and right now, Mitt is on a roll!