Things are not looking good for Barack Obama as his White House administration comes under fire due to the appearance of possible lies and a cover-up concerning the Benghazi-Gate scandal. A bipartisan letter from members of Congress is demanding more answers and seeking those responsible for the circumstances that led to the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, at our consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Today, some 19 days after the assault by terrorists, our FBI investigators have yet to even step foot in Benghazi due to a lack of security. Information is steadily leaking out that the State Department and our intelligence agencies knew before the attack that the situation there was dangerous. So who will take the blame?

obama benghazi gate

High on the list is U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, who went on five Sunday morning talk shows after the terrorist attack claiming that it was not a preplanned terror attack. That it was just a spontaneous event resulting from protests about a You-Tube trailer for the video, The Innocence of Muslims. But Rice is small fish by comparison to new reports that for one week prior to 9/11, Obama skipped all of his security briefings. He continued to skip them, even the day after the attack so he could spend his time campaigning for reelection.

Hillary Clinton fares no better as she, too, promoted the notion that the attack was due to mob violence about the movie. She did not acknowledge the reality of the cause until nearly ten days later. This, despite the fact that we now know that our intelligence agencies reported to the Obama administration that the assault was indeed a preplanned terrorist attack most likely associated with Al Qaeda or its splinter groups within 24 hours of our consulate being destroyed. Barack Obama, himself, has yet to utter the words ″terrorists″ even now.

We now know that the State Department′s security website for OSAC scrubbed a warning issued 5 weeks before the attack about how unsecured our consulate was. That it lacked proper walls, barriers and even bullet-proof glass. The consulate failed to meet the standards which would allow embassy staff at least one hour to call for help and destroy secret documents. We also know now that Ambassador Stevens was aware of just unsafe he was in Benghazi, and that he was on an Al Qaeda hit-list.

The evidence is piling up that a major lapse in security occurred before the attack and it appears that the Obama administration is attempting to conceal their mistakes. Barack Obama is hoping to run out the clock and wait until after the November elections before seriously addressing these issues. But the facts remain that he blew off security briefings leading up to the 9/11 anniversary, a date which our embassies and other overseas facilities are usually placed on higher alert status. That warnings from Libyan and other sources about an impending attack were ignored. Then, to make matters worse, Obama and his underlings continued for nearly two weeks after the attack to continue to blame some silly video for why Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were brutally murdered. Susan Rice may be thrown under the bus to cover up the blame for Barack Obama, but we know who is really responsible, and more than just for 10%!