There are nine states that are still undecided for the Presidential election; some will be easier for Romney to win than others, obviously. We’ll go through each of them from the most likely to the least accessible for victory. Then, we’ll tell Mitt what to do in order to win each state. The easiest of these states for Mitt to win is Nevada. The two reasons for this are ground game and money.

Typically, in Presidential elections, the GOP has more money; the Democrats have a better ground game. When Democrats have more money than Republicans, as in 2008, they handily win. When Republicans develop a number of volunteers in key states, for example, Ohio in 2004, they are more likely to win. Well, if there were ever a state that should be overrun with volunteers for Romney, it is in Nevada. Hardly anyone lives there, and much of the population is concentrated in and around Las Vegas. There should be volunteers visiting voters in every house in the state; on Election Day, not a single voter supporting Romney should lack a ride to the polls.

As far as money, why would Romney and his Super PAC friends lack any money here? He has catered to the casino and hotel interests that dominate the state.

Here are the current polls in the state, according to RCP. Now, Obama has a slight lead for Nevada’s 6 electoral votes. This one can easily be turned around.

2012 Presidential Polls, Nevada, General Election Match-ups

Polling Date Polling Company Mitt Romney (R) Barack Obama (D)
9/25 WeAskAmerica 47% 49%

9/23 ARG 44% 51%

9/20 RAN POS 46% 46%

9/20 PPP 43% 52%

9/18 Rasmussen 45% 47%

9/18 CNN 46% 49%