As many other who hoped that Mitt Romney would win the presidency in November, each day I grow more and more frustrated. Now, his campaign has fallen into such a state of disrepair that, unless something happens soon, the Senate majority will surely be a lost dream for at least another two years. Now, people are even discussing the unthinkable: will his loss be big enough to turn the House back to the Democrats. So, as a public service to the campaign, I’m going to show him how to win.

In 2008, John McCain believed that the way to win the presidency was to figure out what issue should be emphasized that day, and then have every Republican and every conservative talk show host harangue us about that. Luckily, the next day, they were off onto another subject. For some reason, maybe because McCain surpassed all expectations merely by surviving into November, Romney has decided that these are the tactics needed to win. One day, he’s talking about China, one day about Libya, one day about Solyndra, one day about Iran, and one day about his compassion. These are fine tactics if you want to host a radio talk show or run a cable news channel. In those jobs, what you’re trying to do is get people to listen or watch every day. But it’s not enough to get elected President. To do that, you actually have to have a strategy. Since your well-paid team hasn’t been able to come up with one, I’ll give you two, and show you how both of them can be done on parallel tracks.

The first strategy is to talk about the economy. That’s right, no matter how much Adelson or the other neo-cons want you to explain how you’ll blow up every Mideast country into dust on Inauguration Day, just tell them to shut up. You’ve already got all the money they plan to contribute anyway. Do you really believe that you’re gaining a lot of votes by implying that you’ll send your base’s kids into another war? Yeah, that’s what they’re hoping for.

It’s not like it’s tough to come up with economic topics. Our manufacturing base is drying up; there must be a more effective answer than pretending you’ll be tough on China. Nobody believes that one. Every day, tell the voters what your administration will do NEW that will make them believe that you will make manufacturing jobs increase. Or housing; it has been stagnant for 5 years now. What would you do to increase construction jobs? I mean talk about these things every day for the next 40 days. No matter how excited your friends are about some other topic, talk about the economy.

Paul Ryan should do this in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan. You’re allowed to go to the other battleground states, if you want to. Or you can just send Ann…people seem to like her.

The second strategy is Medicare. The Democrats have been beating you up about this since you named Paul Ryan as your Vice-President. Well, let’s look at your allies: Fox News and radio talk shows. I assume there must be some communication between you guys. If there isn’t start talking to them. The only people who regularly watch cable news or listen to talk radio are old people and shut-ins. Well, have your allies every single day explain why your Medicare plan will protect their benefits, not endanger them. The codgers could care less if people in their 30s, 40s, or 50s get Medicare; they just don’t want anything of their own cut. If these two avenues pound their audience every day on this issue, they’ll believe it.

Well, there you have it. In my next edition, I’ll go through each of the swing states, to show how you can win enough of them to win the election.