Two UCLA researchers have determined that women who are Republican politicians appear twice as physically feminine than Democrat women politicians. That the more Conservative a woman votes, the more feminine, resulting in what they call the ′Michele Bachmann Effect.′ One of the researchers, Kerri Johnson, believes it may be due to GOP voters demanding that their women candidates not only be more competent than Democrats, but also better looking.

democrat women look like men

Okay, so you are thinking that here we go again, Andy is poking fun at Liberal Democrat women, calling them ugly. That maybe I should be writing about more substantive topics, like how the latest economic news is extremely bad. Durable sales are way down, the GDP growth rate is anemic, and the Greek stock market has been about as good as ours. Or maybe I should be focused on the latest lies and cover-ups coming from the Barack Obama White House over the terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya? Especially now that we know that the intelligence community figured out in less than 24 hours that the attack was preplanned and had nothing to do with some stupid video.

Or maybe I should be writing about how jacked up the polling data is being reported by the Liberal Media? How this alleged lead in Ohio may be a total lie as voter registration is way down in heavily Democrat precincts. That the so-called gender gap is a myth since even Gallup acknowledges that 60% of married women prefer Mitt Romney over the 33% that like Obama. Or how that many polls are not only skewing the numbers over-sampling Democrats or using turn-out stats from 2008 while only counting 1% of registered voters in Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio as being Independents, who favor Romney by margins of 2 to 1.

Nah! A topic like this, how Democrat women politicians are more manly and ugly than Republican women is far more fun! The UCLA research study that comes to this conclusion, that the more Conservative a female politician, the more feminine is defined as the Michele Bachmann Effect. We of the Republican-Conservative movement have known this all along. GOP babes are hot! Which probably explains why Democrat men are mostly gay or hound dogs, searching for lust like alley cats.