Our nation has changed significantly in many ways. One particularly disturbing way is that we have become so sensitive to peoples feelings that we lack the intolerance that our nation’s founders professed when our great nation began. They were far less tolerant and much more religious than we are.

We not only accept formerly intolerable things and actions, but we condone them with more forgiving names. We call unwed mothers “single moms”, vagrants and bums “homeless people”, homosexuals “gays” and illegal aliens “undocumented workers” to name a few. Who’s the cause of this demise, liberals, and President Obama is at the forefront.

A growing lack of intolerance has metastasized into many aspects of normal living to the point where we are being forced to accept mediocrity as acceptable. We are even being forced to accept gay marriage as normal and to supplement sexual permissiveness.

We have also reached the point where we overlook misbehavior, disrespect and mediocre performance everywhere — in our schools, at work, and even in some of our churches.
What’s happened to pride, conscientiousness and self-respect? We are becoming a dependent nation. Being on welfare and unemployment are no longer shameful things to be overcome as soon as possible. For many Americans they are a way of life since we began trading hammocks for safety nets.

Most, if not all of our excessive efforts to help the needy, backfire because we apply them too liberally and carry them too far. Like it or not, we need tough love. Things, like work-free welfare, extended unemployment benefits, providing special services for unwed teenage mothers in our schools, and encouraging people to apply for food stamps, have too many unintended consequences.

What can we do about this? Essentially we can do nothing until we become more intolerant and re-establish the concept of two parent families for the majority of our children. A big step in the right direction is to elect Mitt Romney, who will get people back to work, promote family values, and stop our government from making fathers almost unnecessary.