First Lady Michelle Obama is very happy that high school students are starving, thanks to new regulations imposed by her husband′s Socialist regime in 2010. Fainting students at one high school have made a video, We Are Hungry, displaying their frustration with the new federal mandates, limiting them to lunches of only 850 calories. Public school children in lower grades, get even less food. As with any Communist plot, the evil state covers their heinous crimes against humanity in flowery language, calling the new regulation ′The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.′ That Michelle Obama want to starve American children while she enjoys French cuisine and whole turkeys deep fired after being soaked in salt brine is just hideous. Why, America? Why?

we are hungry video

The video, ′We Are Hungry′, was made by students of the Wallace County High School in Sharon Springs, Kansas. Callahan Grund, a 16-year old student and football player complained that ″We had chicken nuggets one day. Last year we got six and this year, we only got three.″ The new regulations limit the amount of protein served to just 1.5 to 2 ounces per day, while everybody knows the human body, especially young children, require at least 4 ounces. So why is Michelle Obama trying to starve America′s children?

The answer is simple. Barack and Michelle Obama hate America and want to reduce us to a third-rate world power. On top of that, the Obama economic plan has successfully destroyed our economy, not only reducing Middle Class incomes by 8% the past 3-plus years since taking power, but also reducing our buying power even more thanks to inflation. Most key food commodities have doubled in price since Obama stole the White House from Hillary Clinton and we now face shortages of corn, rice, wheat, and even bacon! All the while, Obama is exporting more of our chicken and pork products to our new masters in Communist China.

So watch the We Are Hungry video below and spread the word that Michelle Obama is starving American children. Preparing them for the new reality of the Obama Era, an era of decline and despair. That the new regulation is called The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 shows us just how insidious Barack and Michelle Obama, along with their Democrat allies, are in destroying America′s youth and future. What fate awaits us should Obama be reelected? A new round of stimulus spending to build massive ovens at FEMA camps?