Yesterday, Madonna, the sexagenarian pop singer, claimed that she was supporting Barack Obama’s re-election bid because he was a Black Muslim. She then stripped down to his underwear to reveal that she has an Obama tramp stamp as a sort of allegorical statement.

Today, the has-been singer showed that, in reality, she supports Mitt Romney. She threatened that if Obama won in November, she would strip naked in public on stage. “When Obama is in the White House for a second term I’ll take it all off.”

Now, Mitt’s campaign has had a tough couple of weeks, as some Republicans and conservative pundits have reacted negatively to some of his tactics. However, if there is anything that should rally the GOP, it is this menace to each of our sensibilities. I assume that the only demographic group who would vote for Obama after Madonna’s promise would be the plastic surgeons. I assume that it would require extensive work to make her body presentable to those of us who enjoy women whose skin doesn’t resemble a saggy bulldog.

I’m not much on celebrity endorsements to begin with. I can’t imagine anyone going through the effort of casting a ballot for a candidate solely on the basis that some singer, television/movie star, or artist recommended that I do so. But if I were inclined to vote in this manner, I might set my sights higher. Is Heidi Klum endorsing anyone? I could see her with the two candidates on Election night. ‘One of you vill vin and one of you vill be out.’