On tonight’s episode of Sons of Guns, the gang at Red Jacket Firearms was hired to adapt a 57 mm recoilless rifle into a weapon that could cause a controlled avalanche. It seems that when snow drifts get excessively high, there is a need for an avalanche to prevent one from occurring that would harm lives or expensive property. Joe and Flem set about adapting it, but the weld wasn’t completed, and when they tried to take it apart, the barrel became loose.

Flem then started reinforcing the weld, but after playing with it awhile, Will told him it was dangerous and to stop. Flem became disgruntled that he wasted his time; Will appeared unconcerned.

In an interesting choice of chores, Will selected Kris to build an artificial avalanche to test the weapon. I’m unclear if the rest of you out there are familiar with our topography in south Louisiana. When we moved here, we were avid xc skiers. We brought them across the nation with us; when the movers were unloading the truck, one of neighbors saw the skis and asked me what we planned on doing with them. I pointed out that you didn’t need a lot of snow, maybe 8 inches would allow you to ski. He pointed out, as we split a 6 pack of Abita, that not only will it never snow 8 inches here, the highest place in the state was 100 feet. Eventually, we gave them to Vincent De Paul. I assume that they’re still rusting away.

Anyway, back to the show. Kris had not a clue how to build a pretend mountain. Charlie pointed out that there are snow machines which stunned the easily stunned Kris. He eventually got make believe snow, and played with the fake snow for a while. At least it kept him away from the weapons.

A British guy walks into the shop who wants to convert a Bren machine gun from one that shoots 303 bullets into accepting 308’s. So first Charlie had to put the Bren together as a 303 to make sure it works, and then convert it into a 308. To do that, the weapon had to be milled out and reassembled. It actually looked pretty neat when they got done. They succeeded in the adaptation and the Brit was satisfied.

In a strange subplot, Charlie shows his insecurity by asking Will Hayden, the head of the crew, if he’s doing okay. Apparently, the new apprentice came to see Will. He seems to have a felony, so Will fired him, to his shock. Since the guy called him Mr. Will about 42 times in three minutes, Will said he would use his own attorney to remove the felony from his record, and he would be on paid leave until it gets cleared up.

Once Kris built the mountain, which seemed to be about 30 feet high, the team blew it up. They then blew up a pretend pillbox. Good fun for everyone ensued. I like these episodes that concentrate on weaponry, rather than the ones that involve celebrities. Unfortunately, fans, next week is another celebrity riddled program, involving another show called Myth Busters. I’ll try to tivo an episode of this show in the meantime, so at least I’ll know who is who.