Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, struck yet another low blow against Mitt Romney saying that the presidential candidate is ″not the face of Mormonism.″ Reid, a Mormon himself, went on to agree with Gregory A. Prince, another Mormon critic of Romney who wrote in his blog recently that Romney has ″sullied″ their religion. We′ve all been wondering just when the Democrats would start playing the ′Mormon Card′ on Romney? Bill Clinton played it a couple of weeks ago telling an audience how the Mormons tried to recruit him, but Clinton did not care for their version of how Heaven operates. And then there is the Liberal Media, where MSNBC′s Lawrence O′Donnell has been trying to connect Romney to polygamy.

harry reid mormonism

If those examples are not bad enough, Al Gore′s Current TV has been running a one-hour program titled ′The Mormon Candidate′ which not only smears the Church of Latter Day Saints but also charges how Mitt Romney, as an LDS bishop in Massachusetts, tried to get single mothers to give up their children for adoption. The so-called documentary also follows the Larry O′Donnell script on how Mormonism is a cult driven largely by money raised through tithing. Roughly 90% of LDS church members tithe about 10% of their income to the church.

A candidate′s religion had been considered hand′s off after the 1960 presidential election of John F. Kennedy, when some argued that JFK would take direct orders from the Vatican. In 2008, the Media gave Barack Obama a blank check, largely ignoring the twenty years Obama had spent in the church of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, whose mixture of Socialism and Black Liberation Theology might have been difficult to dismiss. But then, of course, these are Democrat candidates for whom the Media actively support. Republicans who are religious are fair game by the Media to ridicule. Just recall how Sarah Palin was attacked for her beliefs.

I do not think we have seen or heard the last of this. With less than six weeks to go, Obama and his allies are seeking to finish off Romney. So far, every other avenue of attack has proven to be ineffective. The scoundrel Harry Reid, a Mormon himself, attacking Mitt Romney about his Mormonism is yet the latest and lowest of blows. This after Reid and Obama failed to make Romney′s tax returns as an issue, since even at a tax rate of 14.1% which Mitt paid last year, he still paid much more than the average of 8.2% income tax rate that those in the upper Middle Class pay. About 60% of taxpayers pay less than 5%, if any income taxes at all.