Barack Obama described the new unrest in the Middle East as ″bumps in the road″ during his 60 Minutes interview this past Sunday. What sort of bump in the road was he talking about? Was Obama referring to the body of assassinated ambassador, Christopher Stevens, dragged through the streets of Benghazi for hours while sodomized and abused, then left in the gutter? Luckily, some kind Libyans found him and took Chris Stevens body to a hospital. But all the while Stevens was under attack and later missing, Obama did nothing except take a nap, skip his security briefing, and then fly off to Las Vegas for fun and campaign fund raising. This is what we have come to expect from Obama in regards to foreign policy. Perhaps instead of Obama calling the unrest a bump in the road, I suggest we call Obama a bump on a log!

bumps in the road

I am not sure what the etymology is for the phrase – a bump on a log? Perhaps one day that hot Russian babe who does You Tube videos about the origins of words might help us out? Definitions generally lead us down the path of describing laziness. Such as being ″completely inert″, or not being useful or helpful, Probably the least applicable definition for Obama is ″stupidly silent″, since Obama is rarely silent having a fetish to hear his own voice constantly.

Barack Obama frequently uses the phrase ′bumps in the road′ for many situations. Like when a bad monthly jobs report comes out, showing how feeble his so-called economic recovery is. But in this case, using it to describe the current events in the Middle East, I have to say it was inappropriate. If I could connect the dots between Obama′s bump in the road to the body of Ambassador Chris Stevens being left for dead on the roadsides of Benghazi, then anyone can. The real bump in the road is Obama himself.