New York City high schools have begun a program offering the morning after pill, which provides emergency contraception to students who have had unprotected sex within the previous 72 hours. This joins the other types of birth control that are available in the NYC schools: condoms and birth control pills. These pills are passed out by school nurses in an effort to reduce the pregnancy rate among high school girls in the Big Apple.

According to the city Health Department, this program is intended to reduce the unplanned pregnancies among high school students there. Over 7,000 students in New York City become pregnant by the time they are 17 years old. Presumably, some of these pregnancies are unplanned, while others are merely efforts to connect the mommies with the baby daddies for another few months before he drifts on to the next willing breeder.

Students who wished to participate in this program were provided an opt-out form which was supposed to get a parent’s signature if the parent refused. Only a miniscule number of these forms were returned to the schools. Last year, less than 600 girls received the morning after pill in the schools. This would seem to indicate that over 90% of the pregnancies are joyful experiences in the mothers’ lives, and is a signal of their adulthood.

As we might expect, this is a pilot program, apparently done in concert with Planned Parenthood. With any luck, it will spread to junior highs and grade schools, eventually culminating in kindergarten for the more precocious students.