Last night on CBS ″60 Minutes″, both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were interviewed. During the exchange between Steve Kroft and Obama, the president admitted that a few of his campaign ads included mistakes and some ″going overboard″ with inaccuracies. Of course, this segment of the interview was not aired on television, but was available on the Internet where the complete interview was posted. Gee, I wonder how that happened? Obama′s excuse for his campaign ads containing deliberate lies about Romney was, ″You know, that happens in politics.″ Right!

obama campaign lies

Aside from outrageous claims about Romney killing women through Bain Capital, the most egregious has been attacks on Romney being a tax cheat. Fueled by phoney rumors repeated by Sen. Harry Reid on the floor of the U.S. Senate, Team Obama and the Democrats have been attacking Romney for months on releasing his tax returns. Not satisfied with just two years worth of returns, which is the norm, the Democrats wanted at least ten years worth to pour over, claiming that, according to Harry Reid′s rumor source, Romney may have paid no taxes at all in some years.

On Friday, Romney fulfilled his promise to release his 2011 returns, which his accountants filed with the IRS the same day after taking an extension. In addition, the firm of Price-Waterhouse also released a summary statement of Romney′s tax returns stating that since 1990, Mitt has paid taxes every year with an average rate of just over 20%. In 2011, Romney paid 14.6% on his capital gains, money which had already been taxed before when initially earned. We also learned that Mitt is VERY generous with his charitable contributions and typically only claims half as tax deductions.

Needless to say, the reaction from Democrats was to cry foul. Not only did they want the complete package of all tax returns for the last 10 to 12 years, but they were upset that the Price-Waterhouse statement went back to 1990, which they claim gave Romney a higher average rate. They had hoped that by only covering the last decade or so, a period of time when Romney had little to no earned income to be taxed, that his average rate would be 15% or less since it would only cover capital gains. If one factors in the charitable contributions, then Romney disposes of nearly 30% of his annual income in either taxes or in charity donations.

Barack Obama was not asked by Steve Kroft of CBS ″60 Minutes″ why his own charitable contributions from 2004 and early were barely 0.4%. Nor was Obama asked why he still is not helping his impoverished relatives in Kenya. Even if Kroft did ask, odds are that such questions would also be cut from the televised segment and only be made public on the Internet. So the lies against Mitt Romney continue to flow from the Obama campaign. Even Obama himself now admits that some may be ″going overboard″ in their salaciousness.