Congressman Bill Young (R-FL), Chair of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, has changed his position on the war in Afghanistan and now believes that we should remove ourselves. In his words, Young stated, “I think we should remove ourselves from Afghanistan as quickly as we can. I just think we’re killing kids that don’t need to die.” It’s about time.

Young used to be one of the most hawkish members in the Republican caucus. He has served in the House longer than any other Republican; until now, he has consistently voted against any troop drawbacks in Afghanistan, and refused to set a timetable for our withdrawal. As we know, the Appropriations Subcommittee allocates funding; therefore, if funding is removed this decade long was will quickly end.

Why did Young change his mind? A soldier in Afghanistan sent him letters explaining what the war was like from a soldier’s point of view. His platoon averaged one amputee per day since their designated task was to walk through fields trying to find IEDs. Then Young received word that the brave soldier, Staff Soldier Matthew Sitton had died in Afghanistan, leaving behind a wife and a 9 month old son. Young then has visited a number of VA hospitals since then, and encountered a lot of similar stories to the one the Army Ranger had related.

I have two hopes for Young. One is that he is able to withstand the pressure from AIPAC, which provides tons of financial support to legislators to promote an endless series of conflicts in order to support a socialist nation. Secondly, I would hope that Young will continue to oppose the Afghan War if Romney wins the presidency.