Yesterday, the government of Pakistan declared a holiday, a Day of Love for the Prophet Mohammed, but it quickly degenerated into another episode of Jihad Friday. Tens of thousands of protesters hit the streets carrying pictures and signs praising Osama bin Laden while burning American flags, pictures of Barack Obama, Pakistan police cars and local businesses and shops. Reports range from 15 to 19 deaths and hundreds of injuries occurred as mobs clashed with police and Pakistani government forces. This came a day after a new commercial began airing on Pakistani television featuring Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton apologizing once again for the anti-Islam video, The Innocence of Muslims, costing United States taxpayers about $70,000.

jihad friday

All in all, protests were conducted in over a dozen countries from Indonesia to Uganda to even the Netherlands. Most were focused on anti-West causes, trashing America, Israel, and even France, following a cartoon of Mohammed published in a French magazine. In Norway, a small group of about 70 protesters chanted, ″Obama, Obama, we′re all Osama!″ outside our embassy. Only in Benghazi, Libya was there a pro-American demonstration as several thousand people thanks the United States for helping their liberation. These kind folks then went on to assault a compound known to be used by the radical Islamic group, Ansar al-Sharia.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration is continuing to send mixed signals concerning the consulate attack in Libya on 9/11. Though more officials, including Hillary Clinton, are finally calling the assault a terrorist attack, there still remain many questions regarding security precautions. A report from CNN claims that Ambassador Christopher Stevens had told people that he was on an Al Qaeda hit-list. How did he know that? Did locals in Libya tell him? Or our own intelligence services? Either way, why was there such a lack of protection for him on 9/11 of all days?

The holiday proclaimed yesterday by the Pakistani government was supposed to be a Day of Love for the Prophet Mohammed, but instead all we got was another Jihad Friday. Once again, Barack Obama looks foolish as protesters burned pictures of him along with the United States flag. Maybe next week the protesters can buy some Obama 2012 campaign flags to burn?