Barack Obama actually faced some serious questions when taking part during Univision′s presidential forum yesterday in Florida. Mitt Romney appeared the day before, and both candidates were grilled on real issues. Several of Obama′s responses were notable. Such as when asked what his biggest failure has been during his first term, Obama, playing to the largely Hispanic audience, answered immigration reform. Apparently, Obama is more concerned about giving amnesty to the some 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States than the 23.5 million Americans who are either out of work or are under-employed.

obama biggest failure

But then, what else would we expect from Obama? Miss an opportunity to pander to a major base of support? Still, it is indicative of Obama to tailor his responses. For example, Obama claimed that it is more difficult to change Washington from the inside than from the outside, and used his health care law to make his point. The only problem with Obama′s answer is that it was completely convoluted! His Affordable Care Act was only passed due to inside wheeling-dealing behind closed doors. The general public was against its passage.

Obama also continued his delusional assessment about the attack on our consulate in Libya, resulting in the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens, whose body was dragged through the streets of Benghazi while being sodomized and abused. In a long, drawn-out response, Obama is still blaming the video for the violence we are seeing throughout the Islamic world. Asked why we were not better prepared on 9/11 of all days, Obama is still trying to cling to the video as sparking the assault, even though his administration is now admitting that it probably was a terrorist attack carried out by Al Qaeda or groups in league with them. But he is still refusing to admit that the real reason may be more closely linked to efforts seeking the release of the Blind Sheikh, or in response to recent drone attacks.

So Barack Obama told Univision that immigration reform was his biggest failure during his first term in the White House. Forget about 23.5 million Americans seeking full-time employment. Forget about the nearly $6 Trillion dollars in new debt he has rung up with little to show for it. Forget that his foreign policy has turned into a disaster, such that even now, we must close embassies around the world and no longer operate with local troops in Afghanistan. Forget that we have not had a federal budget for almost 4 years! No, Obama is one who will not forget to pander to Hispanics and dismiss the rest of the 87% of the American population suffering under his lack of leadership. Maybe Obama thought he was still being interviewed by David Letterman?