The media bias in favor of Barack Obama has been quite shameless this election cycle. Yesterday it reached a new level of disingenuous when NBC claimed it could not confirm that an audio recording from 1998 of Obama talking about wealth redistribution was real or not. This even after White House stooge, Jay Carney, admitted that the recording was authentic and attempted to dismiss it due to its vintage. The speech was one where State Senator Obama told an audience at Loyola University that, ″I actually believe in redistribution…″. As if we did not know that already!

obama NBC

So Andrea Mitchell refused to play the audio, citing that NBC could not confirm if the recording really was Obama. Even later, when NBC finally was convinced, the network still refused to play the tape. This, in contrast, to the playing of a video allegedly of Mitt Romney from May of this year where he said that 47% of the electorate who support Obama will vote for Obama no matter what Romney says or does. The media frenzy over this video, which not only is incomplete but was supplied to Mother Jones magazine by the grandson of Jimmy Carter, has been going on for days essentially unchallenged.

Nothing bad Obama does is ever covered by the Liberal Media. Egypt is no longer an ally, forget it. Obama cannot recall what the National Debt was when he took office, no problem. Shopping for a $35 million dollar estate in Hawaii, whats the big deal? Lie about terrorist attacks, eh! Ruin the economy, increase unemployment and create more poverty, not worth mentioning.

Then the Liberal Media, from newspapers to TV networks, wonder out loud why their advertizing revenue is falling and readers or watchers declining. Is it any wonder why? The old monopoly the Media had on news and information is long gone. Yet the arrogance still remains. If anything, its getting even worse. Sort of like in the classic war movie, ″Twelve O′Clock High″, when the flight surgeon describes ′maximum effort′ as when a lightbulb burns extra bright just before failure. Well, hopefully, the Media is on its last leg of being so ridiculously biased. Maybe NBC and the rest will learn the lesson and start being objective? If they don’t, then this could be their last hurrah.