Barack Obama and his administration are doubling, if not tripling down on their lie that the assault on our consulate in Libya was not a terrorist attack. On Sunday, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, appeared on five (count′em – 5!) morning talk shows to continue the spin that the assault was a spontaneous reaction to the protests in Egypt, allegedly over the amateur video, The Innocence of Muslims. Meanwhile, an ever growing mountain of evidence shows that the Obama administration not only is wrong about the attack, but may very well be responsible for not taking advance warnings seriously.

obama libya attack

Naturally, the Liberal Media is doing its best to ignore reality in order to save Obama from the embarrassment of allowing a terrorist attack to succeed when it could have been easily avoided. Even CNN was forced to commit a random act of genuine journalism reporting that there was no protest in Benghazi prior to the assault on our consulate. That some 400 Al Qaeda sympathizers did not just spontaneously pull out AK-47s and RPG-7s out of frustration over a movie trailer and blast away at our diplomats.

Since Obama cannot run on his economic record, much was invested the past several weeks to promote his ′foreign policy chops′. To build Obama up as a strong national security president. Too bad that during the Democratic National Convention, during a salute to our troops, images of Russian Navy ships were used since apparently Liberal Democrats do not know what American warships look like.

Obama has tried his best to dance around the national security issue, highlighting drone strikes and the raid that ′got bin Laden.′ From early on, Obama knew he could not appear weak in the face of Islamic terror groups, which is why to this day, the administration is still insisting that the Fort Hood shooting was just a case of ′work place violence.′ But now Obama has the distinction of being the first president since Jimmy Carter to have an ambassador murdered. In this case, not only was our ambassador targeted for assassination, but his body was dragged through the streets of Benghazi while being sodomized and abused.

It is chilling to think that the interim president of Libya is more honest than Barack Obama, but that is the reality. America was warned several days before that there would be protests in Egypt. Likewise we were warned that our diplomats in Libya were in peril. Usually, on the 9/11 anniversary, all of our government facilities are placed on a higher alert status, but that was not the case this year. Maybe Obama missing more than half of his daily intelligence briefings might explain this lapse in our security precautions?

So Barack Obama and members of his administration continue to lie about how a dopey video is the reason why our ambassador to Libya was killed and sodomized. What next? Will Obama blame the state of the economy on the video, too? No, what we have here is a clear failure by the Obama White House to carry out a primary role, protecting the citizens. The latest Pew poll of overseas attitudes shows that while under George W. Bush, only about 37% of the Muslim peoples of the world viewed us favorably, under Obama, barely 15% do. The new wave of protests engulfing the world has nothing really to do with the video, The Innocence of Muslims and is squarely rooted in the failed policies of Barack Hussein Obama.