Yes, there are just 50 more days until the November elections. While most polls show Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney, a closer examination of the polling details usually shows the results skewed in favor of Obama. Some polls over represent Democrats, some under represent Independents. Dick Morris has been telling anyone who will listen to him that the polls are based on the 2008 election turn out, which probably will not be repeated this time around. For example, African-Americans made up 13% of the vote in 2008 when historically its been closer to 11% in recent elections. With the economy still weak as water and the world on fire in a new wave of anti-American protests, one has to wonder why anybody with an I.Q. over 50 would even consider voting to give Obama a second term?

50 days to go

Team Obama has been busy dividing the nation with classic Liberal ′wedge issues′ like abortion, welfare and taxing the rich. Their allies in the media have been busy doing anything they can to derail the Romney campaign. Last week it was criticizing Romney for his foreign policy positions. This week, the narrative appears to be how there is chaos within the Romney camp.

There is no doubt that some Republicans are getting nervous as the calendar shrinks towards November 6th. Given the dismal state of the economy, coupled with scenes of the American flag being dragged down and burned, it would seem logical to assume that Mitt Romney should win the election in a landslide. That Obama is Jimmy Carter – Part Two. Of course, the flip-side to this music is that Liberal Democrats have spent the last 50 years steadily building an underclass of citizens wholly dependent on government. The bottom 50% of the income earners only pay about 2.5% of all income tax revenue, while the top 1% pays 37%, and then gets the vast majority of government assistance. Food stamps, for example, have reached an all-time high with over 46 million recipients.

Barack Obama and the Democrats can only stay in power by expanding and appealing to the beggar class. With just 50 days to go until the November elections, Mitt Romney must drive home the point that now is the time to turn the nation around from this disturbing trend of government dependency. Failing this, America is doomed to become a fiscal quagmire if Obama gets another term in the White House.