The media bias against Mitt Romney became crystal clear this week as reporters attempted to waterboard the GOP nominee on Wednesday. Reporters covering the Republican presidential candidate were heard on a hot microphone discussing what questions they would ask. When Romney began taking questions after his prepared remarks, he was grilled with essentially the same question seven times in a deliberate attempt to trip him up. Naturally, when Barack Obama makes a gaffe, such as telling a reporter from Telemundo that Egypt is not an ally, which they have been since at least 1989, the remark goes unchallenged.

media bias romney

We, being either Republicans, Conservatives or just plain rational folk, have known all along that the media would not be friendly with Mitt Romney. That they will do anything to help prop up Obama in his reelection. But even ′we′ are taken back when such a blatant move surfaces as it did this past Wednesday. Romney held a press conference in regards to his statement and the ongoing situation in Egypt and Libya. Before the event began, an open microphone caught at least two reporters, Ari Shapiro of NPR and Jan Crawford of CNN, discussing what questions they would ask Romney.

The purpose of this was to barrage Romney with essentially the same question asked in different ways. Much like one would see an interrogator do to trick a suspect into confessing a crime. In Mitt Romney′s case, his crime was that he criticized the Obama administration for allowing the State Department to issue an apology to Egyptians for a movie made here by a Coptic Christian. The film, ″The Innocence of Muslims″, paints an unflattering image of Islam and has been out for some six months. Romney′s statement, which was to be held back until midnight, criticizes the wisdom of such an apology and reminds the world that in America we have free speech.

So, for the last 48 hours, the narrative by the media has been that Romney was being un-American for making such a statement during a time of national crisis. That it demonstrates his lack of foreign policy experience. Of course, this is not the first time an opposition politician criticized a sitting administration during a time of crisis. Senator Barack Obama himself had done so in regards to the war in Iraq. Hillary Clinton accused General Petraeus of being a liar. Both did such while running for president.

Hardly any news stories have appeared in the media concerning how Obama skipped his intelligence briefing on Tuesday before the protests began. Nor how he spent the night sleeping while nobody knew where the body of Ambassador Christopher Stevens was. And no member of the media raised an question, nor even an eyebrow, when Obama left the White House on Wednesday to campaign and hold a fund raiser in Las Vegas. Luckily for us, the foreign press is less loyal to Obama and reports of how the administration was tipped off at least two days, or more, before the protests and attacks have surfaced.

I will be amused if the media gets off its butt and actually questions Barack Obama about the apparent intelligence and security failures. I′m sure the White House will find some underling to toss under the bus to save Obama from any embarrassment.