This great nation has been mired with between 8 and 10% unemployment for President Obama’s entire term, which should make this election easy pickings. All the country needs is some reason to believe that Mitt Romney offers an alternative that they believe is workable. Yet Romney has been losing ground and hope is fading that he can turn this election around.

This last week has been a debacle of the highest order. Mitt finally goes on Meet the Press where he gets outwitted by the half-wit host, David Gregory. He refused to say anything of substance that might turn off any potential voters regarding budget cuts, which only makes those of us who support his candidacy inclined to believe that he has a vision in place. He claimed that he would get rid of Obamacare right away, but would keep the popular parts of it. Eight percent unemployment and this is what we get.

Mitt names a Vice Presidential candidate who actually excites us, because Paul Ryan does have a vision. Then, almost immediately Mitt makes it clear that he will not follow any of Ryan’s plans. Eight percent unemployment and this is what we get.

We are finally out of Iraq; soon, with any luck, we’ll have gotten out of Afghanistan as well. Romney promises not to cut defense spending but will still balance the budget (while cutting taxes) by eliminating deductions. But he doesn’t trust us enough to tell us which deductions he plans to eliminate since it might alienate some voters. Eight percent unemployment and this is what we get.

Medicare is a fiscal mess. We all know why. The silly Medicare expansions done in the last 15 years have bankrupted the program. Yet Mitt won’t touch those since they benefit well-off elderly voters. Eight percent unemployment and this is what we get.

Foreign policy has always been a weakness for Romney. The problem isn’t his lack of knowledge. Heck, virtually any ex-Governor has that problem. The problem is that he gets foreign policy advice from a bunch of neocons who have no idea how sick of war the rest of the nation is. Then yesterday, after the horrendous murders in Libya, he decides to issue an incredibly inappropriate statement about Obama apologizing to the thugs who killed them. He decoded this from a tweet a staff member released in Cairo when they were trying to keep the besieged embassy from being attacked. Heck, even Tony Perkins publicly disagreed with him. Eight percent unemployment and this is what we get.
Mitt still has time to turn this debacle of a campaign around. He needs to avoid the stupid trap of spouting immediately whenever an event happens. He’s a smart guy; I can’t believe he ran his company like that. Sometimes you have to think before you speak.

He has to present detailed plans of what he will do to bring down unemployment and bring down the debt. He has to articulate his tax plans so that people believe he has a vision that he will work to enact. I assume he knows what he wants to do. Tell the rest of us.