Chris Kyle was the guest star in this episode of Sons of Guns. Kyle, a former Navy Seal, is known as the greatest sniper in American history with over 160 kills. His purpose on Sons of Guns was to exhibit the weapon that killed Osama Bin Laden so that the team could modify it for him. The program, as we are well aware, airs at 8:00 Wednesday Louisiana time on the Discovery Channel.

So Will and the Red Jacket team tried to build the Bin Laden compound. The plan was that Kyle would jump from a helicopter and invade the make believe compound. Flem and Kyle bonded over their military experiences, and what they did to recover from their depression.

After their modified gun passed a number of tests to determine its functionality under diverse conditions, they went to the test site. Kyle, as expected, quickly killed all of the targets and ‘killed’ OBL.

In a subplot, apparently Kris Ford (winsome Stephanie’s husband) has now been named a manager of some sort. The entire Baton Rouge community has now gone on lockdown in fear. Luckily, since he now appears to weigh in the neighborhood of 300 pounds, he can be outrun by most semi-ambulatory individuals.

It was nice for the show to go back to its roots, at least for one episode. It might have been nice to give Stephanie a bigger role, although she certainly continues to look great in shorts.

Favorite line: Kris Ford (speaking to Chris Kyle): Get the hell out of my shop.