The past 24 hours raises the question of whether Barack Obama is too busy or too lazy to be president? He is apparently too busy to meet with the Prime Minister of Israel to discuss the latest intelligence concerning Iran and its nuclear program. Meanwhile, the U.S. embassy in Cairo was stormed by protesters and our flag was dragged down and replaced with an Islamic flag. Our embassy in Libya was attacked with gunfire and rocket grenades, resulting in the deaths of four U.S. citizens, including our ambassador to Libya! Earlier this week, we learned that Obama skips most of his daily security briefings, only attending about 44% of them. We already know that Obama has not met with his jobs council since January. So just what the heck is he doing to earn his pay and all those wonderful benefits of being president?

obama too busy

The answer, of course, is ZERO! A typical day for Obama is to stroll into the Oval Office around 9:30-10am and head out the door before noon to do some campaigning. Even before the campaign season started, Obama would often leave the White House early each day to deliver a speech somewhere. Usually the same speech he seems to give all the time, blaming Bush and others for all of our woes. By Wednesday, Obama would typically hang around in order to throw a cocktail party for his friends in the press, or bring in some music star to entertain his family and friends. Weekends, of course, are for playing golf!

So the world is on fire again and what is Barack Obama going to do? The initial response to the attacks to our embassies in Egypt and Libya is to apologize for some goofy movie that has upset the Muslim world. As for meeting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about Iran′s nuclear weapons program, Obama will be too busy campaigning in Ohio to be bothered. Forget that Egypt has a large military force in the Sinai that is making Israel nervous. Obama apparently won′t do anything until after another six million Jews are incinerated in a nuclear holocaust, which will probably be denied by Obama′s Chicago neighbor, Louis Farrakhan.