With just 57 days left to go before the November elections, I have some advice for Mitt Romney…, go wonk! One of the criticisms we have been hearing in the Media the last two weeks is the lack of details in Romney′s plans for fixing the economy. Mitt is a businessman, used to dealing with facts, figures and specific details, so there is no doubt that he has them. It is now merely a question of how best to convey such? I believe that Romney should consider taking a page out of the old Ross Perot playbook and buy TV time and stage an infomercial, complete with Power Point presentations and plenty of charts and graphs.

mitt romney plan

Had Perot not gone silly claiming that George H. W. Bush was trying to threaten him and his family, he might have done much better. But Perot did as well as he did do because he laid out in very clear terms the status of the nation′s economy and the impact of the National Debt. This, with just a few pie charts and other graphs, along with some straight talk. The American people want somebody to level with them, even if the news is bad.

Mitt Romney can easily do this himself, but together with Paul Ryan, the two of them could put together a nice one hour presentation that ′seal the deal′ and win them the White House in November. They can dissect and dismiss the false claims of Obama and Biden, and give a detailed plan on how a Romney-Ryan ticket would put the country back on track. Even with this, they would not have to be ultra specific, as many issues, like what tax loopholes to close, would be negotiable items when dealing with Congress. But an infomercial, a la Ross Perot, would give Romney and Ryan an opportunity to explain their case to the American people without the filter of a biased news media. So go wonk, Mitt!