If you thought that Democrats booing God at their convention this week was bad, how about them wanting to actually ban all corporate profits? One delegate did not even think that a 100% tax on all corporate profits was enough, she wants corporations to operate on continuous losses! Economic analyst and general wise-guy, Peter Schiff infiltrated the Democratic National Convention at Charlotte, North Carolina, asking delegates about taxing corporations. The video below shows just what loons were present at the DNC to nominate Barack Obama as president.

ban corporate profits

At the convention, and on the campaign trail, Obama is making light of how the Republican answer to everything is to call for a tax cut. Obama shows that he thinks tax cuts are a joke. Which, of course, means that Obama thinks that you keeping more of your own hard-earned money is a joke. This also means that Obama′s and the Democrats′ answer to everything is a tax increase, or at least a spending increasing, which, as Milton Friedman pointed out, is the same as a tax increase.

Obama joked about how watching the Republican National Convention was like watching black and white television, presumably meaning that Republicans are stuck in the 1950s. But the chorus of tax and spend solutions by Democrats, who want more and more federal programs and agencies to carry them out, have been echoing through history since the 1930s. So who is really more out of step with reality? At least in the 1950s, more people had jobs!

Peter Schiff and his fun video of questioning delegates at the Democratic National Convention about taxing corporate profits shows us just how insane the DNC is. The United States already has the highest corporate tax rate on the planet. Is it any wonder that businesses are moving off-shore? The War Against Capitalism by Barack Obama is really part of his War Against Freedom. Obama and his supporters want to take everything away from everybody and redistribute it as they see fit. They do not think that you are smart enough to spend your own money yourself. They probably do not believe that you even deserve what money you earn. Is this what you really want running our country?