We have a new zombie alert from the Department of Homeland Security. FEMA Camps, here we come as we seek to avoid CDC flesh-eating zombies. Yes, the United States CDC Zombie Protection Plan is being adopted by the DHS, perhaps as part of a government zombie task force by the Department of Defense? But are ready are you to follow the recommendations of the CDC Plan for Zombie Apocalypse?

zombie alert homeland security

Our ever friendly government, with more money than sense, is using the current fascination with zombies as a tool to help instruct citizens on the need for preparedness. As CDC official Ali Khan says, ″If you are generally well equipped to deal with a zombie apocalypse you will be prepared for a hurricane, pandemic, earthquake or terrorist attack.″ So are YOU ready?

There is no doubt that zombies are popular in our culture at the moment. The walking dead are everywhere on television, movies and books. The Internet is loaded with zombie related websites. Terrifying, yet comical, zombies have become the favorite bad guys of our age. Who cares if you shoot them? They′re already dead!

So in the wide world of political correctness, zombies do not have much of a leg to stand upon. I suppose that if there really was a zombie apocalypse, some group of limp-wristed, knee-jerk Liberals would start an organization to protect the rights of zombies to eat the flesh of the living. Democrats would probably have a plank in their party platform to defend zombies from hate crimes.

Be aware that a zombie alert from Homeland Security has been issued. This is part of the CDC Zombie Protection Plan started last year. To prepare citizens to flock to Homeland Security FEMA Camps as part of the CDC plan for flesh-eating zombie apocalypse. There, we will be protected by the United State government zombie task force plan by the Department of Defense.