Now that the conventions are over, the next portion of the campaign, television advertising, will begin. Mitt Romney’s team has announced that it will concentrate its immense war chest on 8 swing states. This is a good indication that unless things change remarkably, these are the battleground states that Romney believes he must win to get elected in November. These are also likely to be the ones that Mitt feels that he has a feasible chance of winning.

The eight states where the ads will play are Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia. The ad, entitled ‘A Better Future’, each replay a portion of Romney’s acceptance speech criticizing Obama. Each ad then segues into specific criticisms of policies of the current administration that have reduced employment in each state. The ad then concludes with Mitt promising to create a number of jobs in that state. For example, in Nevada, Romney says that jobs will increase by 100,000 while in North Carolina, his policies will increase employment by 350,000.

The interesting thing about this ad campaign is the states not included. There will be no advertising now in Michigan, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin. I’d guess that in Wisconsin, at least, the campaign is expecting that Ryan as the Vice-Presidential candidate will carry the state. If both Michigan and Pennsylvania are conceded to Obama, it becomes difficult to figure out the math on Romney’s election, unless he sweeps the 8 battleground states where these ads will play.