Barack Obama′s speech accepting his party′s nomination at the DNC convention fell flat on its face last night. This, despite loading his speech with as many lies as he could cram in. Dull, boring and too long, Obama said nothing new and offered no specifics, as usual. He claims that if he gets four more years, Obama will add a million manufacturing jobs. In the past 29 months, America has LOST 500,000 manufacturing jobs. Even the fact-checkers of the New York Times and Washington Post are now questioning Obama′s claim to have created 4.5 million jobs, putting the number much lower to between 2 million and as few as 300,000 jobs. About the only good thing Obama had going for himself last night was that he was not up against NFL football or Honey Boo Boo.

obama  s speech

The entire three-days of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina was one endless stream of lies and insanity. Bill Clinton, for example, tried to argue that Obama deserves another four years because no president could have handled the economic downturn in a single term of office. Clinton ignored history as Ronald Reagan righted America after a decade of stagflation in his first term. He also ignored the fact that the Crash of 1920 was the worst in the past 100 years, even worse than the 1929 crash, and Calvin Coolidge used tax and spending cuts to put the economy back on track within 18 months. In 1920, you had the triple-hits of the high debt from from World War One, millions of veterans suddenly being mustered out of the service and an entire industry, alcoholic beverage producers, being put out of business with 800,000 unemployed overnight.

Barack Obama′s speech last night to the Democratic National Convention was essentially a rewrite of his usual State of the Union speeches. We′ve heard it all before and as bad as it was being full of lies, it was mighty dull, too! The only rationale for giving Obama four more years is to be bored. An episode of Honey Boo Boo would have been more entertaining.