Delegates at the Democratic National Convention actually booed God and the nation of Israel yesterday during a n oral floor vote to amend their party platform. What ensued made the Clint Eastwood ′Eastwooding′ incident look pale in comparison. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa looked like a fish out of water as he stood helpless and paralyzed by a lack of faith and leadership. It is doubtful that even the speech delivered by Bill Clinton last night will make up for the embarrassment to Barack Obama. The American people saw first hand in a live, awkward moment just how disconnected the Democrat party is to the rest of the nation.

democrats boo god
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, shown above attending an ACLU meeting, fumbled the ball during a voice vote at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

As a Conservative-Libertarian blogger, I often fold a wide range on insults against Democrats in my writing, which is usually criticized by Liberal-Progressives. Examples like calling Democrats a bunch of Muslim terrorists, Godless atheists, violent union thugs, evil Socialists, sex perverts, and just plain looney crackpots are typical of the labels I assign to them. Well, after yesterday, it would appear that, once again, I WAS RIGHT!

The big hub-bub began on Tuesday when Bret Baier of the Fox News Channel asked Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois about why the Democratic Party Platform removed language which had appeared in their 2008 platform? Baier only mentioned two of four items, one concerning the phrase ″God-given potentials″ and another recognizing the city of Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. The other two items concerned the Palestinian ′right to return′ issue and banning funding to the terror group Hamas until they publicly affirm Israel′s right to exist. Durbin′s response was to attack Fox News for raising the subject, or in other words, kill the messenger.

But it was too late and the cat was out of the bag! Something which never dawned on the party leadership, who live in an alternate universe of elitist dribble, was that woe unto them, 85% of the United States firmly believe in God. They also chose to ignore the reality that the Israeli government is headquartered in Jerusalem. Facts which do not sit well with Democrat party officials who are anti-God and anti-Semitic.

The end result was the fiasco at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday in Charlotte, North Carolina. A floor vote, led by the chairman, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was fumbled by him. Instead of just ignoring the fact that he wasn′t going to get a two-thirds support anyway, he tried three times to make the voice vote appear legitimate, but each time he failed. He finally then did what he should have done on the first vote.

This resulted in a loud chorus of boos from delegates at the DNC convention for returning two of the four items, those concerning ″God-given potentials″ and recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel, back in the Democrat party platform. An embarrassing moment for the DNC, Barack Obama and even the big dog himself, Bill Clinton, who followed the free-condom seeking Sandra Fluke on stage. The Democrats portrayed themselves to be just what I have been saying all along. That they are a party of freaks! So watch the video of Democrats booing God!