The U.S. National Debt broke the $16 Trillion dollar mark on the debt clock the very day that Democrats kicked off their convention. The theme of which is, ″The Government is the only thing we all belong to.″ Forget, for a moment, that such implies that we are all Slaves of the State. The Democrats then have the nerve to beg us to give Barack Obama another four years in the White House, even though he admitted that his presidency has been ″incomplete″, or in other words, a failure.

 16 Trillion debt

The differences between the DNC and RNC conventions are striking. Republicans celebrated individual liberty, free markets, and individual responsibility. We were reminded, even by Clint Eastwood, that the government belongs to us! That politicians work for us! If they fail then they need to be replaced. Democrats, on the other hand, think we belong to the government. That it is our fault if we are not working hard enough, or sharing enough of what we earn, with the government, absolving politicians from any responsibility. Even Michelle Obama got in the spirit saying during her speech last night that we need to share more. Code words for meaning we need to be taxed more.

As if the Democrats and the Obama administration are not spending enough money now! Obama has added more debt in a single term of office than any other president in U.S. history. If Obama-Care and the rest of his first term agenda stand unchecked, he will go down as adding more debt than all other presidents combined! Obama already has created more public debt than the first 42 presidents combined.

So with the U.S. debt clock rolling over the $16 Trillion dollar mark yesterday, the Democrats kicked off their convention to worship big government. Their God-less platform includes planks for taxpayers to fund abortions and to sell out Israel to the radical Islamic world. Democrats want you to believe that you belong to the government. That you are subservient to the politicians and bureaucrats in Washington. In exchange, Obama will give you food stamps and vouchers to buy Chevy Volts from GM and solar panels from Solyndra. Oh, but wait! General Motors has ceased production of the Volt due to poor sales and Solyndra went bankrupt! Oops!