Now it is the Democrats′ turn in the 2012 Elections as we watch the DNC Convention live video feed from Charlotte, North Carolina. Depending on the weather this coming Thursday evening, the venue from indoors at the Time Warner Arena to the 65,000-seat Bank of America Stadium. The DNC is even busing in spectators to fill the outdoor stadium. But if rain comes instead, the Barack Obama and Joe Biden will give their convention speeches indoors to a smaller audience of about 15,000.

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The Obama campaign will have a tough time convincing the American people that their candidate deserves another term in office. This weekend on all of the Sunday talk shows, the main question, ″Are you better off than you were four years ago?″, was largely left unanswered. Anyone honest would say, ″No!″ But several Obama surrogates, such as deputy campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter, continues to lie through their teeth.

Before Obama, the unemployment rate was below 8%, since elected, the national average has been 9% per year. Before Obama, the average Middle Class household earned about $54,000 per year, but since his election, the average is barely $50,000. Under George W. Bush, the GDP grew at an average annual rate of 3.9% while Obama′s 4-year average is 0.7% The price of gasoline, which effects nearly every American, has doubled since Obama took office with no signs of ever returning to the pre-Obama days of under $2 a gallon.

So Obama and the Democrats will have a hard time pitching any worthiness for a second term in the White House. Given than no president has ever won reelection since World War Two with an unemployment rate higher than 7.9%, nor with an annual average GDP growth rate of 2%, it seems unlikely that Obama can win. So he and the Democrats must resort to their classic ′divide and conquer′ strategy of catering to specific voting blocks and patch together a possible victory.

Watch the DNC Convention on live video feed as the Democrats take their turn in the 2012 Elections this week from Charlotte, North Carolina. For a full daily schedule of streaming video, visit for the latest updates and access. Can Barack Obama and Joe Biden convince Americans that they are better off now than four years ago? Will it rain on Thursday and force the big acceptance speeches from the Bank of America Stadium to the Time Warner Arena? These questions and more will be answered shortly!