Labor Day 2012 is one for the books as unions prepare for the election in November. In Charlotte, North Carolina, the AFL-CIO will have a ′Hug-A-Thug′ booth at the DNC Convention. Meanwhile, Both Barack Obama and Joe Biden will be spending the day in United Auto Workers country, Obama in Ohio and Biden in Michigan. The will trumpet what they call success in rescuing General Motors, despite the facts that the auto maker still owes tax payers more than $25 Billion dollars and the much vaunted Chevy Volt has been suspended from production due to poor sales. Mitt Romney takes the day off to prep for the debates while Paul Ryan visits Greenville, NC.

hug a thug

I think the ′Hug-A-Thug′ idea is cute and appropriate. The thuggery of the labor union movement has increased dramatically over the past two years. The battles between local and state governments with public sector unions has been ugly and sometimes violent. As local politicians deal with budget-breaking pensions, salaries and benefits, union thugs are busy attacking those who challenge them.

One tactic being used in California is for union members to call 9-1-1 and make false reports about politicians who oppose them. The latest incident of this was in Costa Mesa where town councilman Jim Righeimer was accused of being drunk and disturbing the peace. Police showed up at his home last week at night and gave him a sobriety test, which proved he was not drunk. The person who made the 9-1-1 call turned out to be a fired police officer who currently works as a private investigator for a law firm which represents the Costa Mesa police union.

So there is little doubt that this Labor Day will see unions going ugly as the election draws near. They must do all they can to save Barack Obama, Joe Biden and the entire Democrat ticket. Now falling behind in the polls to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, Obama and the Democrats have nothing positive to run on as their administration has been a complete failure. Even the rescue of General Motors has turned out to be a lemon despite support from the United Auto Workers. The AFL-CIO having a ′Hug-A-Thug′ booth at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina rings home more truth than humor. We will see more thuggery by unions as November looms ever closer.