Is Barack Obama responsible for the death and destruction caused by Hurricane Isaac this past week? We all recall how George W. Bush was blamed for the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, despite the facts that most of the decisions made which led to further suffering were made by New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and then Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco. So while Barack Obama may not be directly to blame for what happened during Isaac, one thing is clear, the Obama philosophy of government picking winners and losers did play a role. The realities for many who lost their homes, and even their lives, this past week, is that local flooding in areas outside of New Orleans may not have been as bad as they were had it not been for the $14.6 Billion dollar upgrades to the NOLA levee system. Since the water wasn′t going down Bourbon Street, it had to go someplace else.

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On the local Detroit radio stations, we have a terrific talk-radio program called ″Ask The Handyman″, hosted by America′s Master Handyman, Glenn Haege. One of my favorite ′Haege-isms′ is his famous quote, ″Water Always Wins!″ Water is going to flow somewhere and you cannot argue with it. For the folks in Plaquemine Parish, south and down-river of New Orleans, they discovered this lesson the hard way.

Local levees, mostly just made of dirt, were quickly overwhelmed, especially near the town of Braithwaite. At least two people drown in their home when it was flooded. Things could have been far worse as hundreds became trapped and many were rescued by a father-son team that braved the weather in their small boat. Without such good neighbors, the death toll could have been far higher.

I am sure that the Liberal-Democrat response to the issue I raise here is that the federal government should spend more money and help beef up the levee and drainage systems surrounding New Orleans. But then, what about the next concentric circle of adjacent communities? Perhaps we should just fortify the entire Gulf Coast? I′m certain we can do that for a couple-three trillion dollars. Such might eliminate beaches and all of those vacation and tourist spots that locals need to earn a living. But the federal government can just send them unemployment checks and food stamps.

Hurricane Isaac gives us a very clear picture of how the Barack Obama policy of picking winners and losers, much as he does for the auto and green energy industries, effects the real world. I have to wonder if there was any environmental impact statement filed during the $14.6 Billion dollar upgrades to the New Orleans levee system that spelled out what might happen to neighboring communities, like Plaquemine Parish? Maybe this is why Obama has waited so long before visiting the area? He knows that his philosophy is to blame!