This past week has been an exciting one as we wrap up our coverage of the Republican National Convention in Tampa Bay, Florida. Between tropical storms and empty chairs, there is plenty to review and talk about. The early indications are that the Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan ticket got about a 6-point boost in the polls. There are even signs that they may have closed the ′gender gap′ by a few points. The big winners, other than Romney and Ryan, were Marco Rubio and Condoleeza Rice, who delivered great speeches. While I wouldn′t call Chris Christie a ′big loser′, his speech did hurt his stock a bit, possibly damaging any future ambitions. The real big losers were the Liberal Media, whose TV ratings were hammered as people watched the GOP convention on Fox News or through other sources.

GOP convention

Is it any surprise that NBC and CNN led the way in the decline of viewership? MSNBC, ABC and CBS each lost more than 25% of the audiences from 2008, while NBC and CNN lost more than 50%. Only Fox News maintained their ratings from 2008. FNC even beat out the major networks, averaging about 9 million viewers per night, including some 2.5 million of the much sought after 25-54 crowd. ABC came in second with just 4.4 million. The rest drew less than 4 million with MSNBC on the bottom with an average of 1.88 million per night. Next week′s Democrat convention should be interesting as we see if similar results occur.

The single biggest loser of the week, other than Barack Obama, was his thigh-tingling buddy, Chris Matthews. He went completely over the edge on Tuesday accusing Mitt Romney of being a racist. This was his reaction to Romney talking about how Obama has eliminated the work requirement for welfare and for Romney′s joke about not needing a birth certificate to prove he was born in Michigan. Matthews said this while badgering RNC chairman Reince Priebus on Morning Joe. Even Scarborough was uncomfortable with the insane rantings of Matthews. Perhaps this is why Chris was not seen the following days on the MSNBC morning show?

So what this tells us is what we were already seeing in the new Medicare debate. Americans are getting fed up with overly biased ′reporting′ and are no longer accepting the Liberal spin. Old gas-bags like Chris Matthews no longer have the power they once enjoyed. Younger gas-bags, like Rachel Maddow, can only dream of bygone days. Their knee-jerk, snarky reactions to anything said by a Republican are no longer the currency of the realm.

We shall see how this all plays out during the Democrat convention. Given the douche-bag list of convention speakers the Democrats have lined up, it should prove amusing. All they are missing are the national mammary glands, Alan Alda and Phil Donahue. But there will be plenty of others of equal gelatine brains and spines to make up for their absence.