Mitt Romney formally accepted the nomination to be the Republican Party presidential candidate last night. You can watch the Mitt Romney speech video to the GOP Convention in Tampa Bay, Florida, below where it is embedded. In general terms, it was a good speech. For me, any political speech that does not end in a Howard-Dean-like screech is flat. But Romney delivered the perfect ′check-list′ speech last night. His primary mission was to come off more warm, friendly and likable. To show women they have no reason to fear him, to show the Middle Class that he cares about them, and Independents that he′s an all-around good guy. Mitt hit the mark on all three, plus reinforced his position as a competent leader with good judgment and solid executive skills.

mitt romney convention speech

Perhaps some will say that Romney failed to give a clear vision of what he would do, specifically, if elected. But he′s been talking about that all along and will continue to do so when back out on the campaign trail. Last night was his big chance to level the playing field on being a likable fellow. Somebody who you would wish was your next door neighbor. On that subject, he, and many of the earlier speakers, all chimed in with stories about how what a nice guy he is.

So if you missed it, you can watch the Mitt Romney speech to the GOP convention video below and decide for yourself. But I am certain that you will agree that Romney said nothing that would offend you or give you pause in considering him to be the next President of the United States. After nearly four years of Barack Obama, it would be a refreshing change to have an actual leader in the Oval Office of the White House who can make a decision wisely and promptly. Someone who is less inclined to waste our time, and our money, in getting the national economy humming again. As Howard Dean would say, ″YEEE-HAAA!″