If you watch the video of the Paul Ryan speech to the GOP convention, available below, all you can say is ″WOW!″ The Vice Presidential nominee came out swinging, attacking Barack Obama and promoting why Mitt Romney should replace Obama. Ryan articulated in elegant and fundamental terms the defining differences between the Republican and Democratic agendas. While Democrats squandered their opportunity to bring about an economic recovery, Paul Ryan assures us that if Mitt Romney is elected, their administration will exercise responsibility, action and leadership.

Paul Ryan convention speech

Ryan criticized Obama for the lack of job creation, wasting taxpayer dollars on do-nothing-pipe-dreams, and expanding the size and debts of the federal government. The Wisconsin Congressman vowed that a Romney presidency would work at reducing the government to no more than 20% of the GDP, which now stands at about 25% under Obama. Ryan told us his own personal antidotes of his family when promising to save Medicare and reverse the $716 Billion dollar rip-off of Obama-Care.

We got a very concise history of failure by the Obama administration. Ryan took issue with Obama′s blame game and lack of leadership. He raised the warning of an impending debt crisis made far worse by Obama. There is no doubt that Paul Ryan showed that he, unlike Joe Biden, really could step in if needed to serve as president. His grasp of the economy and budget issues gives Ryan a huge edge. If nothing else, Mitt Romney proved that his decision making skills are far superior than Obama′s just in his vice presidential pick.

So watch the video of the Paul Ryan acceptance speech to the Republican National Convention below. Congressman Ryan was outstanding as he became the vice presidential nominee. Mitt Romney made a fantastic selection in choosing Ryan to be his running mate against Barack Obama.